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March '09

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Lexi reminds us all of the importance of the Good Book

Lexi Miller

Lexi here! Don't be intimidated. Believe it or not, I'm just an ordinary girl from Moosic, PA, who always likes making new friends, especially if they love shopping at the mall as much as I do! My three favorite people are Jesus (of course); my mom, who totally pushes me to achieve everything she couldn't; and my super cute BF, Stewie Greenblatt. (He totally looks just like Robert Pattinson, except shorter with curly black hair and a slightly bigger nose. HOT!!!) Oh, and I just got my license, so watch out I-81! (Totally j/k!!! I'm such a good driver for real - just ask Maddy!) Click my name for more! Kisses!!

Noah looking tough, 'cause Jesus was a badass too!

Noah Little

Look, I may be short, but I don't believe bios should be. Ever. Especially since I've done more in my young life than most people accomplish in a lifetime. It's not ego, it's fact. I look forward to sharing my life story with you on the next page. Do it, click my name, you know you want to. I would. But then again, that's a given.




Bea can multi task: smile for the camera and talk on the phone!

Beatrice "Bea" Lane

It's not that I'm praying for your salvation (although I am,) nor am I praying for world peace (although that'd be totes awesome,) but really I'm just praying that you'll click on my name so that you can go to MY page... all about BEA... and learn everything you've always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask. Don't worry, I won't bite. Well, maybe if you ask nicely. Kidding! I swear...



TJ's ready for his closeup!

Tennessee "TJ" Jamison

Hey guys, I'm TJ. Don't like to mince words, so I'll keep it brief. Click on my name if you wanna know more about me. Peace out.






Suzanne Agins

No photos please! Suzie likes to work behind the scenes as our director, making sure that everything we do is SPECTACULAR! For reals. If I were Jesus, Suzie'd be God. For reals. Click her name for the full deets.

Hope Kim

If Hope were a student at OLOPS she'd so totally be the president of Christians Shooting Christians, the school's TV/Film club. Why? Duh. She's like the woman who worked the filming and editing magic that resulted in our music vids and QUADS! web series. She's got more to say if you click her name...


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