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March '09

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Noah looking tough, 'cause Jesus was a badass too!

Noah Little

Noah Little just moved to Moosic, Pennsylvania and is a new Junior at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow. Although he is Catholic, he leans towards being a die-hard Methodist. Noah makes his way here from Thornill, Ontario where he grew up for 16 years, just outside of Toronto. The recent move to Moosic was the result of his paternal grandparents, both farmers, perishing in a freak silo gas accident (toxic nitrogen dioxide) on their tranquil corporate farm that he spent many-an-early-summer morning doing the back-breaking work of picking cucumbers by hand. His bereft father and mother decided to pick up their lives as a disabilities lawyer and transportation engineer, respectively, to convert the inherited property into a family run biodynamic farm managed by the Swedish conglomerate Konsoliderade Söt Organisk Fräsch Kompani (K-SO-FräschKo) av Nordamerika. In English that translates to "The Consolidated Sweet Organic Fresh Company of North America."

After deciding that tending fields every summer was not to his liking, Noah decided to pursue his burgeoning interests in the performing arts during the school year, in the hopes that it would lead to more fruitful summer employment in the entertainment industry. (Or at least a decent theatre camp.) The first play he auditioned for was Pinnochio and the Fire-Eater with the York Hill Children's Theatre (YHCT). At eleven, he was awarded the unprecedented opportunity to play the role of the Blue Fairy due to the impressive fact that the creative team thought he was a girl. Due to the unexplained enteric illness of the young actress playing Pinnochio on opening night, Noah brilliantly and seamlessly moved into the pivotal role, outshining every marionette, donkey, and whale on the stage. There was no stopping him! He quickly seized the true northern spotlight and rode the momentum landing more roles with the YHCT including but not limited to: G.I. Jack in Dear Santa, I Want Everything and More!, Dr. Tuttles - The Ringmaster in The Fool, Ziggly in That's How the Cookie Crumbles, and Constable Jones in Some Horrible Play That He Can't Remember The Title To Because It Was So Bad, and Such A Waste of Time ... and Talent!

Noah smolders as a purple squid! Growing tired of the lack of stimulation from his work at the YHCT, Noah decided to branch out and away from children's theatre and began to land paying gigs as a child actor in such notable favorites as: Travis Younger in A Raisin in The Sun and William in The Me Nobody Knows with the Canadian Quilt Players, Curly in Peter Pan, and The Undertaker's Assistant (and Featured Polka Dancer) in that Holiday Hit Mr. Scrooge with the Yonge Street Opera House. It would be his critically acclaimed- and award winning-role as the Undertaker's Assistant that would land him his current talent agents, John Bonwitz and Chrissy Nottingham, owners of BoNoTalento! Since signing with their agency he has landed regional commercials and Public Service Announcements as the spokeschild for "Halitosis and Scoliosis Screenings", as well as the face of "Everyday is Earth Day in C-A-N-A-D-A!"

Whilst all his theatrical and film aspirations were not fulfilled before leaving Toronto, Noah still wishes to audition and secure a role in a Mirvish production... hopefully as the "Artful Dodger" in Oliver or as "Dicken" in The Secret Garden performed at the Royal Alexandria or Prince of Wales Theatre... before he is too old.

Even as a young up-and-coming professional artist, Noah still found time to involve himself with his Ontario Day School theatre department, playing Billy Lawlor in 42nd Street, Billy Crocker in Anything Goes, Billy Bigelow in Carousel, and Bill Calhoun in Kiss Me Kate, whilst choreographing each production in between voice lessons, tap, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop/pop and lock classes and his duties as an acolyte and choir member of his local cathedral. Unfortunately since leaving behind his Roots, both figuratively and the literal store, he has not had the chance to find a suitable dance school up to his caliber in Moosic, but he continues to search. Until he does, one can find him interacting with his new classmates, trying out different clubs, contemplating joining a team sport, altering his uniform, or using his flatiron to experiment between his Corbin-Bleu-High-School-Musical-curly hairstyle or his Adam-Lambert-American-Idol-bone-straight-emo coiffure. But above all, Noah is prone to say "I'm Noah Little, but I KNOW-A-LOT," to compensate for his insecurities that all great artists suffer from. (Like not taking piano lessons since 2nd grade, or taking voice lessons since 5th grade, and never having been to Walt Disney World.)

Noah would like to thank his family for moving him away from Canada so that he can appreciate what once he had, and therefore challenging him to work harder towards getting it back... plus tenfold! He dedicates his performance to Megan Follows and Lucy Maud Montgomery, for without them, Anne of Green Gables would not have been possible; nor the critical, emotional, or theatrical success of the times. Genesis 1:3! (It's show time!)


Brandon Michael Arrington's headshot

Brandon Michael Arrington (BMAgic*)

Brandon Michael Arrington finally had the chance to join the universe of Maddy Mann Spring of 2010, and created and introduced the character of Noah Little who was recruited to play Delilah in Maddy Mann and Lexi Miller's retelling of the story of Samson and Delilah. Brandon Michael's credits include playing Andy Lee in Forty-Second Street, having played Chad in High School Musical at the Alhambra, the Fireside Theatre, and performing in High School Musical 2 at North Shore Music Theatre. He has been seen Off-Broadway as Ziggy in Stephen Schwartz's Captain Louie, Reggie in Jon Marans' and Edward Thomas' Irrationals, and Linus in You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Other favorite roles include, yes, Curly in the National Tour of Peter Pan, and Prince Dauntless in Once Upon A Mattress. He attended Drew University, "The University of the Forest" and majored in Theatre Arts, with a minor in...Business Management. In his free time, Brandon Michael works as a pastry chef, a costume designer, a composer, and a D.A.R.E. Dancer helping kids to resist drugs and violence. BMAgic*!

Glam Noah Squid photo by Michelle Williams Carroll

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